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Light-weight design from one source

Light-weight design in automotive construction is gaining in importance. EMS-GRIVORY is a renowned specialist company in the field of metal replacement, but two other business units of the EMS Group – EMS-GRILTECH and EMS-EFTEC – also provide innovative and high-quality products for this application field.

Stiff and strong – even when it gets hot

With its excellent mechanical properties, Grivory HT is particularly suitable for metal replacement applications at elevated temperatures. As well as saving weight, this also allows significant savings on part-costs to be achieved.

No compromises thanks to Grivory GVX

Grivory GVX is predestined to replace metals. Its performance spectrum comprises far more than exceptional mechanical properties: other strengths include top-quality surface finish and colourability in any shade – even at a glass fibre reinforcement level of up to 65%!

New Grilamid FWA grades

14.11.2013 17:01

The new PA12 FWA products include one 15% glass-filled grade, two unreinforced grades and one glass-bead reinforced grade. These products allow the realization of further parts not covered by the previous range of glass-filled grades.

Easy job thanks to long fibres

EMS-GRIVORY’s long fibre reinforced polyamides make combinations of properties possible which are unachievable with conventional compounds. Maximum mechanical properties with minimum weight: protective and functional clothing for sport and leisure are precisely where the potential of long-fibre technology is fully tapped.

Consistent performance – even at elevated temperatures

The ever increasing requirements in the engine compartment will bring materials based on aliphatic polyamides to their limits in the medium term. EMS-GRIVORY has developed a new, high heat-stabilised polyamide: Grivory HT2VS-HH. This means the right product for tomorrow’s high-temperature applications is already available today.

Transparent GreenLine Bio-Polyamide for tubes

The Polyamide PA1010 Grilamid 1S is based to nearly 100%, PA610 Grilamid 2S to 62% on renewable resources. Both of them belong to the bio-based polymers of the EMS-GRIVORY GreenLine family.

Certifikace ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 / ISO 9001:2008

 Společnost CZFP s.r.o. získala úspěšně certifikát kvality ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 / ISO 9001:2008.

Supplier of the Year

25.03.2013 13:03

Supplier of the Year

General Motors, the world’s leading automotive manufacturer, again awards EMS the title of «Supplier of the Year»

Engine temperatures under control with Grivory HT

 For more than a decade, Grivory HT high-performance polyamides have been used as preferred materials for components in cooling-water management systems of combustion engines. These materials are extremely successful, especially when in contact with hot water and cooling agents.

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