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Stiff and strong – even when it gets hot

02.01.2014 15:23

Stiff and strong – even when it gets hot

 Grivory HT is eminently suitable for metal replacement at elevated application temperatures – especially in the case of components previously manufactured from die-cast alloys. The material’s characteristic features are very high levels of stiffness and strength. It retains these properties even when subjected to elevated thermal stress. Grivory HT is superior to materials such as PPS or PEEK at temperatures of up to 120°C. Other characteristics include good dimensional stability and a low warpage tendency, good chemical resistance and good surface quality.

Lighter and more economical than metal
With its lower density compared to metal, Grivory HT makes considerable weight reductions possible, a factor of increasing importance for the automotive industry in particular. It also provides significant potential for cost savings. In addition to having higher processing costs, die-cast components also cause various post-treatment as they need to be ground, deburred, protected against corrosion and possibly also coated. The price for all these post-treatment steps often amounts to several times the material costs.

Usable without post-treatment
Grivory HT is different. No further post-treatment costs are incurred. Subsequent colouring is also unnecessary as granules can be ordered already coloured in every conceivable shade. The injection-moulded component needs no further modification and is ready for use immediately. In addition, tool costs in the injection-moulding process are lower than for die casting and the lifetime of injection-moulding tools is much longer. Metal replacement allows bottom line cost savings of 30 to 50% to be achieved. Further cost savings in some cases considerable, are also possible if the component design is optimised and functions integrated.

High stiffness and good surface quality
Grivory HT shows its full potential in highly stressed hydraulic clutch components of modern automobiles. Grivory HT1VS-5H is used for the clutch master cylinder housing or piston rod. The material ensures the required component strength and stiffness as well as high bursting pressure. The component remains permanently resistant to hydraulic fluid even at elevated application temperatures. Its good, uniform surface quality with low peak-to-valley roughness is especially important. This is essential to prevent wear, particularly in the highly stressed seal area.

Broad area of application
Grivory HT is available in many variants: reinforced with glass fibres, carbon fibres, mineral or hybrid fibres, approved for use in direct contact with food and drinking water, hydrolysis-resistant or flame-retardant modification make them suitable for use wherever stiff, strong components are required to withstand high application temperatures.

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