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New Grilamid FWA grades

14.11.2013 17:01

Based on the success achieved with glass-fiber reinforced Grilamid L FWA polyamide 12 (PA12) grades, EMS-GRIVORY expands its range of FWA products for use in direct contact with drinking water and foodstuffs. Grilamid L FWA products are particularly suitable for the replacement of brass or other metal alloys in sanitary fittings, irrigation systems, swimming pool or filtration components as well as elements in municipal water & gas supply lines.

The new PA12 FWA products include one 15% glass-filled grade, two unreinforced grades and one glass-bead reinforced grade. These products allow the realization of further parts not covered by the previous range of glass-filled grades.

Grilamid L FWA products are characterized by their very low water absorption, excellent hydrolysis and chemical resistance, their good balance of strength and impact resistance and their very broad processing window.

Key target components for Grilamid L 20H FWA are parts with moderate stress levels requiring strong chemical and hydrolysis resistance, internal parts, moving parts subject to friction with a polymer or metal counter-element. The high viscosity Grilamid L 25H FWA grade is especially designed for the manufacture of thick-walled semi-fabricates, compression molded elements or parts assembled using a welding process (butt fusion).

Grilamid XE 4074, a 50% glass-bead reinforced grade, provides high dimensional stability and molding precision, superior stiffness and hardness compared to unreinforced grades, very low water absorption, good abrasion resistance and a high degree of isotropy thanks to the spherical shape of the filler.

All mentioned grades are available worldwide in black, natural and on request in customer-specific colors.

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