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Stiffer at higher temperatures

02.12.2017 12:19

Stiffer at higher temperatures

With Grivory G5V the Grivory GV product family advances into new thermal dimensions. The newly developed product group provides constant stiffness up to 100 °C and allows for shorter cycle times, weight savings and cost reduction.

Grivory G5V is the new product group in the product family Grivory GV. The modulus of elasticity in a conditioned state at 80 °C is around 40% higher than that of the tried and proven classic material Grivory GV. The higher resistance to elastic deformation allows components with lower wall strengths to be achieved. This means shorter cycle times, weight savings and cost reduction. The property profile of Grivory G5V is rounded off by simple processability and constant property values under both dry and moist conditions.

Reduced water uptake, higher dimensional accuracy
Application areas for Grivory G5V are varied. Focus applications are components for automotive interiors requiring temperature resistance at temperatures of 80 resp. 100 °C. Standard grade Grivory G5V shows a significantly reduced moisture uptake compared to PA 66. With Grivory G5V, EMS has now developed a new generation of products which again exceeds conventional standards. The further reduced water uptake leads to higher dimensional accuracy and a clearly reduced lowering of the modulus of elasticity at high temperatures and in a moist environment.

Two products launched
Grivory G5V is currently available in two product versions, both with 50% glass-fiber reinforcement: Grivory G5V XE 10130 and Grivory G5V XE 10131. Both products are characterised by the low dependency of the e-modulus on temperature in a conditioned state. Grivory G5V XE 10131 provides advantages at temperatures above 80°C.
With the new Grivory G5V the Grivory GV product family reaches a new performance level at temperatures up to 100 °C.

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